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Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning Service?  Which is Best For You?


To Assist With Your House Cleaning, Should You Hire A Weekly Or Monthly Maid Or Housekeeper Service?


The fact of the matter is that in most instances it is your personal needs and schedule that will often determine just how often you require a maid service. You may require a lot of help if you do a lot of entertaining or if you maintain a busy schedule. On the other hand, if you are handicapped somewhat or if you are elderly, you may just need a little bit of help to stay on top of things. Take a look now at the different schedules we proudly offer:


Atlanta Weekly Home Cleaning Service


For those people who have a lot of social obligations and lives that are very busy all the time, a weekly cleaning is a great idea. The fact of the matter is that these individuals with the crazy schedules simply do not have the time to concern themselves with things like vacuuming and wiping kitchen counters down. Very often, this will also apply to those individuals who actually work out of the home but simply don't have the time to also handle those cleaning necessities that are required.


Atlanta Bi-Weekly Home Cleaning Service


The fact of the matter is that for so many homes, this is the choice with a great appeal. The reason for this is because for those individuals not completely overloaded but still busy, this is such a great help in keeping things right!


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Atlanta Monthly Home Cleaning Service


Getting a cleaning done once a month is a terrific regular service to have done in the home. It is true that in comparison to the previous two options that it can be more costly because of the workload that is involved, but for those whose schedules aren't too hectic and who don't socialize a lot, it can certainly be sufficient to get the job done.




You should understand that it will normally cost you less per visit, the more often that we visit your house. At Lisa's Natural, we will maintain the supplies needed to get your house done, so we don't continually have to run out and buy them.


Of course, if you require particular products due to different allergy or environmental concerns, we will provide them. You should keep in mind that if you are seeking cost-effective alternatives, weekly and bi-weekly visits are the best way to get the job done and at a cost-effective way that will please you!  Contact our Atlanta home cleaning services, otherwise known as Lisa's Natural, today!


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