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Lisa's Natural Home Cleaning is an established house cleaning provider in Atlanta. Throughout the time we have been in business, we have widened our expertise, developing our ability to clean every type of floor surface. We realize that wood floors can be difficult to clean. This is why it is vital to correctly maintain and seal these floors. Undoubtedly, cleaning wood floors requires more than just a broom or a mop. This equipment just moves the dirt about, and falls short as far as extracting ground in, unseen dirt goes. Do not do things the difficult way. Rather, contact Lisa's Natural Home Cleaning and let us remove the dirt from inside the crevices and cracks of your wood floor. Think about the enhanced air circulation and quality you will enjoy after all that invisible dirt is extracted from inside your wood floors.


Deep Cleaning Service


Our innovative wood floor cleaning technique uses a fast rotary brush and customized cleaning solution to destroy tough contaminants and dirt. As our staff get your floor clean, squeegees capture the dirt, then a powerful hoover sucks out the dirt and surplus cleaning liquid.


When cleaning wood floors, our staff finish by performing a thorough hand clean in those difficult to access areas. The whole process is non toxic, dust free and low odor -- so you are sure to be impressed.




Hoover or sweep floors frequently. Do not use oil soap, wax or similar industrial home cleaners. Silicone and wax based products damage the integrity of wood surfaces and make cleaning harder. Follow these steps to preserve your wood floor:


  • Get rid of spills quickly.
  • Put outdoor/indoor mats at entry points and carpets in areas of high footfall.
  • Do not use rugs with bad ventilation or rubber backs.
  • Sustain consistent levels of humidity in your house to stop your floors from shrinking, swelling, exposing gaps or cracking.
  • Prevent deep scratches. Pets and high heels can harm wood floors. Do not drag furniture across wood floors.


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As far as cleaning hardwood floors goes, Lisa and her staff will provide the same excellent service that you have become used to over time.


Just thinking about the substantial impact that will have on your wallet can be stressful.  What’s more, who wants to deal with the hassle, inconvenience and mess associated with floor replacement?




Lisa’s Natural Top Rated Home Cleaning provides an effective, affordable alternative.  We apply a non-toxic solution to fill those unattractive scratches on your floors, regardless of how deep they are.  We then buff the surface until smooth, and finish with a natural sealant.


Your hardwood floors will be restored to their original condition, with the treated areas unrecognizable.

You’ll be amazed at the results!


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